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Hall of Fame

Ralph 'Pops' Lee

Ralph "Pops" Lee emigrated to Canada from Wales in 1973. He left the Mumbles Rugby Club, bound for the Brampton RFC. In his professional career, Ralph was for 25 years an employee of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. He, together with other senior Brampton members - Murphy, Boydell, Page, Blair to name a few – were instrumental in building the Brampton Rugby Clubhouse.

In his role as President, and then as Treasurer, Ralph kept the club alive through every means available to him. Like other Club stalwarts, Ralph personally contributed financially to the survival of the Club. He would do anything to help keep our creditors at bay, including cooking for 100 at the annual banquet. As a player, he was as competitive as any person who has ever worn the Maroon jersey, and his desire to win did not end when he hung up his boots.


In 2005, Ralph "Pops" Lee passed on, and he is inducted to the Hall of Fame posthumously.


Don Llewellyn

Don Llewellyn was a founder of the Brampton and Georgetown Rugby Clubs, which eventually became the Brampton RFC in 1963. He was originally from England, and was an RAF Spitfire pilot, decorated for bravery with the DFC, in the Second World War. He played his last match for the Club in 1973 at Cedar Park vs Burlington.

Don is inducted posthumously.

Louise Pearce

Louise Pearce is inducted as a player. She first played for Canada against Wales in the 1994 Women's World Cup in Scotland. In 1993, she was a member of the Club's team which managed to dethrone Ajax for the Senior A Provincial crown. Louise was an outstanding crash ball player and a superb kicker, both out of hand and at goal.

Julie McGann

Julie McGann was a founding member of the Brampton RFC Women's team in 1989. She was still playing in 1993, when the Brampton Women's team (including Louise Pearce) managed to dethrone Ajax for the Senior A Provincial crown. Her first international cap was awarded in 1992 against the United States. Julie was an intimidating player for many years, and she had a superb tactical vision of the field.

Mark Allison

Mark Allison is inducted as a player. Mark was an outstanding prop who played for Brampton RFC then later for York. Like Brian Dickson, he was a member of the Ontario Provincial team which played against the touring Welsh, and he went on to won international recognition with the Canadian National Senior Men's team.

Sandy Mackenzie

Sandy Mackenzie was inducted as a player, an outstanding Full back for the Club.


Peter Murphy vividly describes how Sandy, a man of slight frame, has been the only man to command the undivided attention of his wife at a Rugby match, because of his heroic tackling from his full-back position.


Brian Dickson

Brian Dickson is inducted as a player. For Brampton he was a formidable Number 8 and seemingly without fear, who would in Peter Murphy's words "rampage through the serried ranks of the opposition." Among his achievements was an appearance for the Ontario Provincial side against the Welsh National Touring team.

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