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Along with registration, Rugby Canada has partnered with World Rugby to create Rugby Canada PlaySmart. 

Rugby offers many things, from a great way to stay fit to the legendary social experience. At the Brampton Rugby Football Club we are always open to new members. If you are interested in playing, you are welcome.

Rugby Canada PlaySmart is a Player Welfare program that aims to educate players, parents, coaches, match officials and administrators on the safety of rugby across Canada. The health and safety of every player across the country is of paramount importance and Rugby Canada strives to ensure a safe playing environment at all levels.  It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that all players are protected and ensure that the game is played safely.

The Brampton Rugby Football Club intends on being a leader when it comes to better managing player safety. We recommend you visit this PlaySmart and review the information provided while registering for upcoming seasons

The Brampton RFC Board of Directors and Coaches have earned World Rugby Concussion Management For The General Public certification. The Brampton RFC encourages all playing members and Parents/Guardians to participate in Rugby Canada PlaySmart. Click below to find the modules and complete them yourselves.

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