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Our summer camps are a great way to reinforce current skill sets for young players with some experience or provide a fun learning opportunity for those that are new to the game. The sessions are for kids ages U12 to U16 and are comprised of an effective mix of skills and games in a ratio that our expert coaching staff has found to be conducive to a fun and productive experience.



We offer both full-week (5-day) camps for those between the ages of 11 and 13, as well as specialized three day camps for kids between the ages 14 and 16.



Full Week (5 days)


At our week-long camps,we strive to provide a rugby learning experience like no other. The top players and coaches in our area will be on-hand to provide quality instruction in skill development, strategies and tactics, decision-making, as well player awareness and self-development.Our facilitators are experienced, reputable players and coaches at the varsity, provincial and national level that utilize current coaching techniques and our unique game-based approach to player development.



Half-Week (3 days)


Our three day camps offer high-quality instruction, analysis, and feedback. It is ideal for kids ages 14 to 16 years of age that have some experience or introduction to the game. The sessions are designed to refine skills that have already been learned by the more experienced players as well as introduce some new skills to this critical age grade.



Camp Overview:


The majority of our learning sessions are filmed and analyzed immediately after each session in order to reinforce the key learning points and address areas in need of work through self-assessment and observation.



All technical aspects to skill acquisition and refinement are consistent with the parameters outlined by Rugby Canada.


Guest coaches include current and former Canadian National team members as well as current high-level coaches, either provincial or national.

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